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For the Developer.

ARC Steel Frame Homes / For the Developer

Our philosophy of recapturing the wisdom of the past and improving by using innovative and new technologies is best exemplified by our concept of the “New Home Town Community.”

Developement pic0001

As defined:

  • Densities of 6 units per acre with open natural and community areas that is easily accessible by foot.
  • Small well designed homes with the ability to grow with growing families.
  • Homes which do not disturb the natural beauty of the site and thereby save costs in site improvement.
  • Front porches to encourage neighborhood interaction.
  • Utility systems which provide for independence from public systems.
  • Street scapes which respects the need for the automobile but creates ease of access with out dominating.

3 development interior

A.R.C. Steel Frame Homes is a perfect product for todays communities.  Our design team has the expertise to create an environment conducive to a reconnection of the principals of the past and the strength and longevity of steel frame technology. 
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